Youth Fellowship

The Youth Fellowship meets once a week (on Saturday or Sunday night) to bring the Christian young people of the church together for fun and fellowship. We have a varied programme including singing, quizzes, Bible studies, talks and food. We regularly hook up with other YFs at Congregational Youth events, and enjoy at least one weekend away each year.

As a youth fellowship, we have a number of aims:

1. To bring the Christian young people of the church together for fellowship and growth

2. To integrate them into the church as much as possible (Sunday services, prayer meeting etc.)

3. To inspire them to reach their unsaved friends with the gospel

Check out the YF website!

Programme for 2016:

Sunday 24th Walking with God #7 : Worship
Saturday 30th Games Evening
Thursday 4th Pray Continually
Saturday 6th Use Your Flare
Sunday 21st Walking with God #8 : Materialism
Saturday 27th Icey Golf-Bowling
Thursday 3rd Pray Some More
Sunday 6th Walking with God #9 : Purity
Sunday 20th Walking with God #10 : Witnessing
Saturday 26th Outreach Event
Thursday 7th Pray, Pray, Pray
Saturday 9th YF Breakfast & Walk (10am)
Sunday 17th Walking with God #11 : Relatians
Saturday 30th Walking with God #12 : Temptation

Normal meeting times: Sat 8:00 – 10:30pm; Sun 8:00 – 10:00pm